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  • Immigration visa:
    • Starting from the Eligibility assessment till Filling application and till visa Grant Team Visa Consultant LLP is with you.
  • Student visa:
    • Guidance in selecting Right Course ,Ranked Universities / Colleges.
    • Guidance in Arranging accommodation.
    • Guidance in procuring Education Loan.
    • Visa Assistance.
    • Pre arrival orientation
    • Guidance in Post Study permit application.
  • Multy entry Business:
    • Assistance in Identify the right visa category.
    • Providing accurate Documentation list.
    • Hassel free process.
  • Dependent Visa:
    • Country wise visa assistance for Partner/Child /Dependent .
    • Assistance in Identify the right visa category.
    • Starting from the Eligibility assessment till Filling application and till visa Grant our entire Team of visa Experts are with you.
  • Visit /Tourism Visa we can assist you:
    • Leisure / Holiday trip visa
    • International holidays.
    • International School Trips
    • Meet Friends who are living or studying abroad.
  • Medical emergency Visa:
    • Team Visa Consultant LLP can assist you procuring fast track visa to cope up with the Medical emergency in any country.
  • Family Visa :
    • Assistance in family visit visa for people who want to meet family members like Brother, Sister, Cousin, Nice ,Nephew ,Uncle, Unty, Grand parents.

Once you secure your enrolment into any university, the next step is applying for a visa. Anxious about facing a consulate officer? Afraid your answers at the interview can wreck your chances of obtaining a visa? Don't worry; Team Consultant is here to help. Getting a visa is carefully following few basic instructions and clearing the interview rounds. There isn't any universal procedure to acquire a visa because some countries are very relaxed with visa rules or procedures; while others like UK isn't. The entire process is mostly analogous across diverse countries, and Team Consultant will get you through it.

Know Some Basic Details

  • Provide all essential documents ranging from bank statements to the university clearances, required by the visa office.
  • Mention your duration of stay and financial power with convincing documents. You need to persuade the visa office that you will manage all overseas expenses on your own (excluding grants).
  • If you have guardians in the nation you intend to visit, then obtain their signed letter confirming the support.
  • If you are going for a scholarship program, then indicate all information pertaining to it. Validity of scholarship and amount of aid received must be plainly indicated.
  • Apply at least 2-6 weeks before the planned travel date to furnish yourself some more time in case of any unwarranted delays in visa processing.
  • It is likely that you might be denied visa on some grounds on first try, but never be dismayed; attempt again. You might still catch the nod on a second attempt, if you really care. Visa office by law, is bound to furnish you a basis if visa is denied.
  • If a spouse or child is financially reliant on you, then be ready to clarify how that individual will sustain themselves in your absence.
  • Mention tentative date of travel in the application.

Checklist for the Documents

Here's a checklist to assist you restructure the necessary documents you require to apply for the visa

  • Acceptance letter from the university is the foremost document you should submit. You should have documents stating the program you enroll in, duration of studies, funding information, and a letter from the sponsor, if at all.
  • Submit a recommendation letter from school teacher/college professor specifying your student improvement under their care. If you're employed, get a reference letter from employer and send it to visa office.
  • Hand in your prior degrees, transcripts, certificates pointing all modules you completed at your college or school. Attach the documents, if existing, indicating academic/non-academic accomplishments at school or college.
  • It is probable that you take the IELTS or TOEFL to confirm English proficiency, ensure you state those scores. If you clear GRE or SAT, then you should attach a copy of these results also.

Other Compulsory Details

  • Ensure that the passport isn't facing its expiry date as you submit it.
  • Provide a fresh copy of passport size photographs to the visa office.
  • Make payment of your visa application fee punctually prior to submitting the form.
  • Bank statements submitted to authenticate financial capacity must be fresh and not dated older than 30 days from application date.
  • If you have prior work experience, please guarantee that you put forward an experience letter for validation.

Team Visa Consultant will Help You Clear the Interview

You are on the edge as you inescapably move closer to the D-Day. A big affirmation, we are certainly talking about your first visa interview! Being on your nerves won't assist you land anywhere and you discern it too. Team Consultant can prep you for the circled date rather than you dreading it meaninglessly. Attending a mock interview with Team Consultant before the real interview could be constructive to lessen nervousness. The student is made known everything regarding the university that comprises way of life, living standard and food habits of the country where student plans to learn.

Team Consultant lets you know some interesting facts which you might have missed otherwise in mayhem. One of the eases of recent times is that know-how has alleviated the burdensome process of visa application. Today, you might apply for a visa online, and get an interview date. UK, for instance, employs an easy point system test to appraise the aptitude of students applying for visas. Clear test and you might even avoid the interview procedure.

Visa office desires to know if you decide on staying overseas for working, after you graduate. Prepare your points to persuade them that you are heading there merely to finish your studies. But yes, in case university has assured you a work permit after graduation, you might inform your visa officer. Interview process isn't long, 30 minutes maximum, and questions are extremely specific to course and scholars. Rarely could it swing beyond the details you've submitted already in your visa processing.

The process of getting a student visa from embassy will seem wide-ranging and complicated at times, but if you industriously pursue the procedures, you may be on your way overseas with no hassles. Team Consultant ascertains you submit all documents required by the visa office and utter your intentions evidently. These are crucial elements to remember. These are suggestions of Team Consultant to help you obtain a visa. We hope you find these details useful. Drop us a swift comment and let Team Consultant know if you'd like to add something to these suggestions. We'd like to hear from you.

What an Interviewer Wants!

Team Consultant helps you understand what the interviewer needs from you: Your motivation and potential of living up to the standards of the program, nation's laws and customs. Your financial ability to handle all expenses throughout your study.

  • So essentially, the visa interview is about evaluating you, and gaining precision on documents you already submit to them. In a nutshell, they desire to see why you must be granted the visa.

Valuable Visa Interview Tips from Team Visa Consultant

Get the facts straight! Never embellish or lie about something during the entire course of visa interview. They have all your academic and financial certificates, and any consular officer is taught to spot lies. Learn what to declare when the interviewer has probing questions, such as:

  • Why have you chosen this destination?
  • Why not continue your education in India?

Consular officers are keen on demanding 'What if....' sort of questions to assess your enthusiasm. Be equipped to answer these. Some examples are: What if somebody offers you any job in the US after your program? What if somebody offers you partnership in his/her business? Do the groundwork and check the university you are applying to. Look strongly into the program you've selected and inquire yourself if your alternative is along the lines of your educational objectives. The interviewer may desire to identify your motives for selecting a definite program and university, and when he/she pops that query out you should be able to respond hesitation-free. You might have to face questions regarding your financial standing; so check your bank balance and be positive of your financial arrangement. If your parents aren't in any job now, or you are short of adequate funding, then interviewer might inquire you to give details how you decide to fund yourself. Be presentable, dress smartly and approach the interviewer coolly. Don't go prepared to narrate memorized responses. They want to know if you are lucid with your goals. Work on easy conversation etiquettes. Be gracious and considerate in your responses. Listen cautiously to the queries and wait patiently for your turn to respond. A little endurance and fine manners can go a long way. Be self-assured while meeting the visa officer; don't fiddle around desk or look nervous. Never pick any dispute with the visa officer at any stage of your interview.