Study Overseas

TEAM VISA CONSULTANT LLP have a specialist section involved in the delivery of vocational and tertiary education and training across a broad range of specialties. In carrying out this work we have developed partnerships with a number of education and training providers who excel in their specific field of activity. With these partnerships we aim to ensure the delivery of high quality education and training to students wishing to study in Australia. A qualified and experienced Student Counselor will ensure you are placed in the best course to meet your long term goals. Your needs are our number one priority. Students wishing to study in Australia will be assisted with all aspects of their enrolment into Vocational training institutions or universities where ever they choose.

Choose from hundreds of study abroad options offered, including Team Consultant Session Programs for Abroad. Whether you go for a semester or summer, study in English or in another language, study abroad advisers are available to guide you through the process of identifying the experience that best suits your goals and interests. Throughout the year, you can schedule in-person meetings with an adviser. Appointments take place during designated office hours. Advisers can help you identify goals for your study abroad experience and guide you through thoughtful program selection. They will also go over the application, credit transfer and financial aid processes with you. Before meeting with an adviser, we encourage you to read through our Choosing a Program section and research program options. Use the links below to request an appointment with the adviser. You can also check out our calendar of events for details about group advising, walk-in hours.

While the Study Abroad office is here to advise you, we expect you to take ownership of your study abroad experience and to be confident in choosing your own path - one that builds on your previous experiences at Team and helps you reach toward your academic or personal goals. The initial question you should ask yourself about study abroad is the first one an adviser is likely to pose: What are the goals you have for your study abroad experience? Most students can easily identify one or two goals they have for their study abroad experience. For example, you might want to:

  • Explore a particular culture or new region
  • Immerse yourself in language study
  • Take courses in an area which could become your major
  • earn more about a possible career path
  • Thinking about the specific goals you have now will help guide you in selecting the most appropriate program.

Measurable Goals

Whatever your goals, make sure that they are specific and measurable. For example, taking one of the broader goals above and turning it into actionable steps can help you better direct your efforts - especially if you only have a short time abroad. If your goal is becoming more proficient in a language, perhaps you will choose to initiate a weekly conversation about local politics with a homestay parent. Remember that although it's important to think about these concrete steps you can take to reach your goals, it's equally important to remember that your goals might change once abroad.